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The Billion Year Portfolio

A valuable fine art collectible edition of the longest lasting art yet made by human beings, presented by the artist who devised it.

This exclusive and historic collection of artwork that is part (encoded) of the gold disk on the spacecraft Voyager traveling now outside the solar system. It was made to last at least a billion years from now and most likely to be the longest lived piece of human art ever made.

In 1977 Carl Sagan and Frank Drake, the Directors of the Voyager Record project, selected Jon Lomberg to create the picture message that "could" be the first human information another intelligence in the universe may pick up one day. Lomberg is the world's most experienced designer in creating messages for other times and other beings.

The Billion Year Portfolio includes twenty-four signed and numbered 12"x15" Giclee prints. Each image is explained in a detailed caption showing the reasons why this particular image was included in Voyager's portrait of humanity, with an afterward written by Frank Drake - the world's foremost expert on SETI !

The prints are presented ready for framing, or they can remain in the Itoya 14" x 17" presentation portfolio in which they are shipped.

Individual prints with explanations are also available.

Sample pages with Giclee prints and description pages:

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