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DVD set titled 'Into the Universe'

Into the Universe (Set of 5 Disks)

In this engaging DVD collection Jon will unlock the doors to your cosmic awareness. These are live performances, and like a live concert album, youíll capture the feel of the live performance. All of the images are clearly visible, as well as Jonís distinctive voice with the clarity and wit with which he presents his amazing topics. And best of all, you can enjoy the series at your leisure and in the comfort of your home with family and friends.


DVD titled 'A Message from Earth'

"Into the Universe" Disk 1:
A Message from Earth: The Voyager Record

A portrait of Humanity in image and sound, intended for extraterrestrial beings. Jonís cover art for the Record will last over 1000 million years, making him our planetís most truly ďeternalĒ artist.


DVD titled 'Are We Alone in the Universe'

"Into the Universe" Disk 2:
Are We Alone in The Universe?

Probably the most provocative question in science, everyone is interested in this exciting topic!


DVD titled 'My Work With Carl Sagan'

"Into the Universe" Disk 3:
My Work with Carl Sagan

The story of 25 years of close collaboration between Jon and the most famous astronomer of the 20th Century. Animation from COSMOS and CONTACT are featured.


DVD titled 'Insignificance'

"Into the Universe" Disk 4:

Feeling overwhelmed by the Cosmos? Take a tour of the Universe with Jon. Find out how significant you really are!


DVD titled 'Stars Over Panama'

"Into the Universe" Disk 5:
Stars Over Panama

Introduction by Jon Lomberg. Discover the stars. Learn how to view the legendary green flash and more. **This lecture was recorded aboard the Regent Seven Seas Mariner During a passage of the Panama Canal.



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