An Inquiry from 60 Minutes

May 3, 2013

Hello Jon,

My name is Max McClellan and I'm a producer with 60 Minutes. For years, I've been searching for the perfect space story to do, and when I came across your name and resume, I knew you'd be the very best resource imaginable. Not only as a potential interview in a future story (!), but also as a source of great ideas for the most compelling places to search for a terrific space story for 60 Minutes. I've been looking at the Keck Observatories and the Kepler Mission, among a number of other targets, but I wanted to defer to your expertise! I'd be enormously grateful for any off-the- cuff thoughts you might have. Very best regards, and I look forward to being in touch.


May 9, 2013

Hey Jon –

Thanks so much for your note. I did indeed receive your wonderful notes. I am keen to find a great space story – I am certain it’d be a hit. I’ve been wrapped up in Benghazi the last week or so, and I apologize for my delay in responding. More soon.

Very best, Max

July 29, 2013

Dear Mr. McClellan,

My name is Sharona Lomberg. I am Jon Lomberg’s business partner and wife.

I am following up on a correspondence you had with Jon in the beginning of May about the possibility of interviewing Jon for 60 minutes. I’d like to share with you an upcoming event that I feel will be a great story for you and a perfect time to interview Jon.

The first anniversary of the Curiosity landing on Mars will be in a few weeks.

Last year the Galaxy Garden hosted a well-attended public viewing of the NASA webcast and even made us one of their remote viewing locations linked the webcast. To say the least it was a most powerful experience for all participants.

This year on March 15 NASA will webcast a lecture from JPL n Pasadena on Curiosity's first year on Mars, and we will again be watching and participating at the Galaxy Garden. After the NASa talk Jon will be talking about the three sundials and one archival DVD, all now on Mars, that he helped design, giving a very personal story of what it is like to send artwork to Mars and beyond.

You will not find a more beautiful -- and surprisingly fitting-- location than the beautiful flower gardens at Paleaku.

Wouldn’t you agree that this usual combination of Mars, Galaxy Garden, and the world's most far-flung artist would make a great story? Jon's public events inspire, educate, and enrich his audiences and we would love to share that with the audience of 60 Minutes.

If you'd like to hear Jon taking about the Galaxy Garden, please listen to the talk Jon gave at the recent Starship Century conference at UC San Diego. The Galaxy Garden part starts about 17 minutes in.

You may watch his talk: Becoming Galactic -

Please, let me know your thought. Looking forward to hearing and working with you.

Very best wishes,



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