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Jon Lomberg is one of the world's most distinguished artists inspired by astronomy. He specializes in designing and executing visual presentations about astronomy in all media, including exhibit design, film and television, computer graphic, print and electronic media. In addition to creating his own art, he has managed and led teams of artists and technicians on major projects using sophisticated image technology.

Articles About Jon

  • "The Golden Record 2.0 Will Crowdsource A Selfie of Human Culture" - Smithsonian
    Read it here

  • "Global "Selfie" to be Beamed to Outer Space" - National Geographic
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  • "The Big Picture Guy" - Hana Hou! The Magazine of Hawaiian Airlines
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Interviews with Jon

Papers and Articles by Jon

  • 2012 Transit of Venus
    "On June 5, 2012, the Earth, Sun, and the planet Venus will briefly line up, and Venus will slowly move across the Sun’s face, like a tiny eclipse. This is in fact the rarest eclipse visible from Earth, called a Transit of Venus. There have been only 53 of them since 2000 B.C. There was not a single transit in the entire 20th century. "

  • Best Blog for 2009
    Astronomical Art: Representing Planet Earth

    "Thirty-two years ago something extraordinary happened to me.

    It was August 20, 1977 and I was sitting in the viewing stands at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. I was watching the launch of NASA's Voyager 2 mission to the outer solar system and beyond. "

  • The World as Turtle
    "On most mornings I swim in the ocean, and am often able to observe green sea turtles, swimming with such dignity and grace. They seem so wise and ancient, and indeed their species has been around far longer than mammals like us (over 60 million years). "

  • Projects: Messages from Earth: Visions of Mars: Then and Now
    "Since prehistoric times, humans in all cultures have noticed the planet, a red star in the night skies."

  • Space Artists on the Web
    The art of Jon Lomberg and other space artists can also be seen at

  • My Own Private Star Trek
    An essay/review of the 2009 Star Trek movie and reflections on more than 40 years of exposure to the universe created by Gene Roddenberry. Published on the Centauri Dreams blog on 5/15/2009.

  • A Portrait of Humanity
    This article concerns an extraordinary photograph, a Portrait of Humanity, intended to teach extraterrestrials about the nature of humans on Earth.
    Click here to view this article in PDF format.

  • SETI and Aesthetics
    Are there any universal principles in science and aesthetics that could help us to set the unknown parameters for interstellar communication?

  • Message in a Bottle
    Sending Messages Into Outer Space Has Changed Since Voyager's Day.
    Written by Jason Fry. Published by The Wall Street Journal Online - January 23, 2006.

  • Universal Cognitive Maps and the Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe
    Lemarchand G. and Lomberg, J. LEONARDO, Vol. 42, No. 5 pp. 396-402, 2009

  • Lingua Galactica
    Lomberg, Jon in COSMOS Magazine, Issue 32 April/May 2010, Sydney Australia, pp.72-77

  • The Use of Color in Interstellar Message Design
    Jameson, Kimberly and Lomberg, J. poster paper at the Astrobiology Science Conference 2010, April 26-29, 2010

  • The Aesthetics of SETI
    Lomberg, J. Third Decennial US-USSR Conference on SETI ed. S. Shostak Astronomical Society of the Pacific (San Francisco, 1992) p. 427-432

  • The Development of Markers to Deter Inadvertent Human Intrusion into the [nuclear] Waste Isolation Pilot Project
    e. Baker V., Drake F., Finney B., Givens D., Narens L., Williams W., and Lomberg J. (panel chairman) Sandia Report SAND90-3063 (Albuquerque, 1991)

  • "A Portrait of the Galaxy"
    Lomberg, J. Sky and Telescope Magazine, Sky Publishing Corporation, (Cambridge Mass, Dec. 1993) p. 38-41

  • "An Artist's Rendition of the Milky Way Galaxy"
    Lomberg, J. AIP Conference Proceedings 278: Back to the Galaxy ed.Stephen Holt and Frances Verter (American Institute of Physics New York, 1993) p.xxv- xxviii

  • "The Visual Presentation of Science"
    Lomberg, J., Carl Sagan's Universe ed. Yervent Terzian and Elizabeth Bilson, Cambridge University Press, (Cambridge UK, 1997) p.190 -205

  • Are There any Universal Principles in Science and Aesthetics that could help us to Set the Unknown Parameters for Interstellar Communication?
    i. Lemarchand, G.A. and Lomberg, J. (1996 July) Paper presented at International Astronomical Union Colloquium 160, Capri, Italy.

  • A Portrait of the Milky Way: The Jon Lomberg Painting - Art and Science Working Together
    Goldstein, J. J.; Bicay, M.; Gorchev, R.; Lomberg, J.; Blitz, L.; Neal, J.; Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, 26:1550; Dec.1994.

  • Visions of Mars
    Lomberg, J.; Sky and Telescope, 92 (6): 30, Dec. 1996.

  • Visions of Mars - A cultural and scientific experiment on Mars 96
    Friedman, L. D; Giberson, W. E; Lomberg, J.; Cole, T.; in 45th IAF International Astronautical Congress, Jerusalem, Israel; 9-14 Oct. 1994

  • Searching for Cost Optimized Intersetllar Beacons
    Lomberg J., G. Benford, J. Benford, and D. Benford, ASTROBIOLOGY vol. 10 no.5 cover and p.495

  • Target Region in Milky Way (1 and 2) - Kepler Mission: A Search for Habitable Planets
    Lomberg, J., Public Information Office, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, (Pasadena, CA April 2007)

  • "Some Rare Abnormal Stars may have White Dwarf Parents to Blame"
    Lomberg, J.; Public Information Office, Gemini Observatory , Jan. 2007

  • "Gemini Finds Young Binary Dwarf Pair is Large and Hot"
    Lomberg, J. ; Public Information Office, Gemini Observatory , Mar. 2006

  • "Near Infrared Spectra Constrain an Extraordinary Pair of Cosmic Dwarves"
    Lomberg, J.;Public Information Office, Gemini Observatory , Dec.. 2006

  • "Dusty Old Star Offers Window to Our Future, Astronomers Report"
    Lomberg, J.; Public Information Office, Gemini Observatory , Dec. 2005




  • Becoming Galactic - Starship Century is a symposium coordinated by the new Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination in collaboration with Gregory and James Benford, presenting ideas from their anthology of science and science fiction. DETAILS HERE
    Watch it on YouTube

  • In Conversation with Jon Lomberg - Astronomers Without Borders AstroArts Project chair, Daniela De Paulis in a conversation with Jon Lomberg, AWB AstroArtist of the Month for May 2013.
    Watch it on YouTube

  • CBC National TV News about Voyager's journey beyond the solar system
    Watch it on the CBC website

  • Jon Lomberg on wormholes vs. blackholes in "Contact"
    Watch it on YouTube

  • Jon Lomberg on Carl Sagan
    Watch it on YouTube

  • Jon Lomberg discusses errors in space depictions in Hollywood movies
    Watch it on YouTube

  • Jon Lomberg congratulates Warner Bros on trying to depict science in "Contact"
    Watch it on YouTube

  • Big Island TV Feature Story - "Jon Lomberg's Galaxy Garden"
    To view this excellent video posted in June 2008, go to, click on the "Big Island Videos" button, select "Features" on the main menu, and then "Galaxy Garden" on the features menu.

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