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The titles featured in this gallery are available as Giclee prints. Giclee prints are digitally produced art, printed on canvas or paper using archival quality materials for many years of fade-free enjoyment. Paper offers a smooth finish while canvas is textured to appear similar to an actual painting. All Giclee prints are signed and have a minimum 2" white border on all sides.

Portrait of the Milky Way Galaxy

Jon Lomberg is an artist from Hawaii who is known worldwide for his visualizations of cosmic events. He was Emmy Award winning Chief Artist for Carl Sagan's classic TV series, COSMOS. His Portrait of the Milky Way is the most accurate view of our galaxy ever painted. It was on display for ten years at the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum and is now part of their permanent collection of aviation and space art. Comes with detailed explanation and finder chart.

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Backbone of Night

The !Kung people of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana describe the Milky Way as the "backbone of night". Jon Lomberg painted this image at the suggestion of Carl Sagan, who later used it as the title graphic for an episode of the television series COSMOS.

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Barred Spiral Galaxy
from Encyclopedia Galactica

From a series of paintings called "Encyclopedia Galactica", created in collaboration with Carl Sagan, who helped Jon Lomberg write the captions appearing on each painting. This project evolved into the episode/chapter in COSMOS of the same name. This series envisions entries in a compendium of civilizations and objects in the universe. Carl Sagan owned some of the paintings in this series, as does Frank Drake and the Arecibo Observatory.

The caption reads:

From the Complete Catalogue of Extraterrestrial Objects
(Human Edition)

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Jon Lomberg was commissioned to create an image for the 1999 Bioastronomy Colloquium sponsored by the International Astronautical Union. The image portrays elements of astronomy and biology to suggest the complex conditions required for the creation of life on Earth, combined with images of other worlds in our solar system that might contain life.

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Comet Trees

This painting was commissioned for the book COMET by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan, to illustrate a concept proposed by physicist Freeman Dyson. Dyson suggested that in the future, comets could be used as the source of minerals and water to support the growth of gigantic, genetically engineered trees. These trees would use sunlight to grow to large size, and provide a habitat for space colonists.

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